All your Black Garlic questions answered! 

1. What is Black Garlic? 

Black garlic is ordinary garlic that has gone through a high heat, long duration, fermentation process. After the fermentation, the garlic is aged for a long period, which allows the sweet flavor to become richer. The garlic is fermented as a whole bulb, and when it emerges from the fermentation process it has changed color, texture, taste, and has completely different uses when compared to regular garlic.

2. What does Black Garlic taste like?

Black garlic is “Garlic’s Sweet Secret.” The flavor of black garlic is very complex and hard to describe. We would describe the flavor as sweet, savory, and umami (meaty savory note), with subtle licorice, molasses, date and garlic notes. The mix of the chewy texture and flavor makes the product irresistible. We think you will agree once you have tasted it.

3. What makes Black Garlic chewy? 

Black Garlic is slightly dried. Think about grapes and raisins; grapes are crisp and raisins are chewy. The same analogy can be used between garlic and black garlic.

4. Why is Black Garlic sweet?

During the fermentation process the stored carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars rendering a sweet flavor. Think about brown rice and brown rice syrup. Rice has no sweetness, but after a special fermentation brown rice starch is broken down to form a sweet brown rice syrup.

5. How is Black Garlic sold? 

Currently we sell our Black Garlic as whole bulbs, peeled cloves and puree, and we will soon be launching Powder, and Paste. Check out our store to see for yourself.

6. How is Black Garlic used in cooking? 

Black Garlic shines in neutrally flavored food such as alfredo sauce or mayonnaise. The sweet and savory flavor makes dishes like macaroni salad go from simply flavored to robust and delicious. Black Garlic is one of the special ingredients that can be used for all courses of a meal. Mash and blend with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a wonderful vinaigrette salad dressing. Add to mayonnaise and dress your sandwich for something sweet and tangy. Crush and add some maple syrup and serve atop your best vanilla ice cream. Check out our recipes page for more delicious food ideas and recipes.

7. What is the history of Black Garlic? 

Since Black Garlic is such a distinctive and delicious product it seems that everyone would like to take credit for its creation. There is literature that says China or Korea were the original countries of origin. There is also literature out there that says Black Garlic was noted in the “Tao Te Ching.” Whatever the origin one thing is certain Black Garlic is a delicious addition to any pantry worldwide.

8. How is Black Garlic made? 

There are many ways to make Black Garlic from specialized and automated commercial equipment to artisanal methods using clay pots in the hot sun. The principle is sound. It takes high temperatures for long periods of time to change the garlic from off white and odiferous to black and sweet. Our process is completely artisanal. We utilize smell, visual and flavor cues during the fermentation process to make the best tasting product available on the market today.

9. Does all Black Garlic taste the same? 

Does all cheese taste the same? No! Black garlic from each manufacturer will have a different flavor profile completely dependent upon all the variables of the fermentation and aging processes. We know that you can not rush a good thing, so we don’t. That is why our black garlic has a flavor all it’s own.

10. Why do the bulbs look different throughout the year? 

We ensure one thing with our Black Garlic which is that we use the highest quality and freshest garlic available. There are hundreds of sub-varieties of garlic throughout the world; each one is a little different in looks and flavor. In North America garlic is seasonal, grown from Mexico all the way into Canada each year. The harvest starts in the far south in January and continues all the way into September in the northern growing climates of Canada. Each temperature zone will favor one garlic species. Thus, as we go through the year we will utilize the garlic that is freshest, which means we will use many different varieties all of which look slightly different throughout the year.

11. Do you import garlic from overseas? 

No, we only produce our black garlic from garlic grown in North America. Currently we use garlic from Mexico. The remaining product is grown in the United States (California and Wisconsin). Currently all raw garlic is fermented in Wisconsin.

12. Why not use garlic solely from the US? 

We use garlic from Mexico for a short period of the year because it is the freshest, most delicious garlic available during the early part of the year.

13. What are the health benefits of Black Garlic? 

The fermentation process changes many of the chemical components within raw garlic. The chemical reaction renders high levels of S-allylcysteine. The oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) value is approximately twice that of fresh garlic. According to some research, black garlic has been show to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and help with insomnia. Click here to read more.

14. Why should I buy Black Garlic from Black Garlic North America? 

Black Garlic North America is an American company that makes all of its product right here in America. The garlic is grown in North America and fermented in Wisconsin. What’s more is the business members of Black Garlic North America have more than 60 years of experience in the food industry. We know what it takes to consistently exceed industry standards, which translates to exceeding customer expectations the first time, each time, every time.

15. What makes Black Garlic black? 

During the fermentation process melanoidin is produced from chemical reactions between amino acids and sugars. This results in a color change in the garlic.

16. How should I store my Black Garlic? 

Black Garlic can be stored at room temperature in an unopened package until the stamped expiration date. Once opened Black Garlic can be stored for 3-6 months in a refrigerator. Black Garlic can also be stored for up to one month at room temperature.

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