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Black Garlic North America is committed to producing the highest quality food products with an emphasis on food safety and sustainable methods. We develop products for families and food industries that foster healthy, unique choices. Our products are produced in socially responsible ways to preserve the earth, our generation and generations to come.




Black Garlic North America is a business division of Wisconsin Fermentation Company LLC (founded in 2012). Wisconsin Fermentation Company is focused on fermentation innovation as well as product and manufacturing design and commercialization. The combination of chemistry, microbiology, mycology, engineering, and food technology pave the way for technical expertise within a wide array of fermented products. Currently our flagship product is Black Garlic marketed under the brand name Black Garlic North America.

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HOW IT ALL STARTED - A Word from our Founder

The places I've traveled and the people I’ve met have influenced the way I live and the way I have embedded myself in my community. I've always been passionate about paving my own road, learning new things and taking on new challenges. These attributes are the motivators that propel my passions into a purpose.

In 2009 my wife and I were taking our last vacation together as a non-parenting couple (my wife was due to have our first child in a few short weeks). During the trip I picked up some beautiful garlic bulbs at a local farmers market. That fall I planted all of the garlic I had purchased. The next year when it was time to harvest the garlic, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the garlic had faired in the cold Wisconsin winter. More importantly, I could not get over the flavor of the fresh garlic. An entrepreneur at heart, I looked into garlic products and, after weeks of research, I discovered black garlic.

Little did I know then, this was the infancy of Wisconsin Fermentation Company (WFC) the parent company of Black Garlic North America. In a short time I began engineering a proprietary eco-friendly system that would ferment garlic into Black Garlic. I wanted to produce an exceptional product that would taste great and promote a healthy lifestyle. One of WFC’s fundamental principles is to find the perfect balance of exceptional taste through nature and nurture of the product. One taste of Black Garlic led me to believe that I had found the vehicle that would bridge that gap.

Through the elements of nature, garlic is grown; through the hands of WFC, Black Garlic is nurtured, bringing life and taste to the family table in each exceptional bite. The WFC family invites you to be a part of this exciting journey with us.

Be well and my very best,
Craig P. Dunek, MS


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