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How to cook with Black Garlic


Although related, Black Garlic has a completely different range of uses compared to regular garlic. Generally speaking, regular garlic eaten raw is crisp with a very strong, overpowering garlic flavor and has some degree of heat or spiciness. Regular garlic is typically used to add a strong garlicky flavor to pasta dishes, dressings, salads, etc.

Black Garlic when eaten "raw" is chewy with a very mild garlic flavor, sweet undertones, molasses and chocolate notes, and there is seldom heat or spiciness with black garlic. The garlic flavor is subdued to the point that it takes several cloves eaten raw to give a person garlic breath. So what are the best dishes to use black garlic in? While we will continue to add to our collection of recipes for you to choose from, here are some general rules for using and cooking with black garlic. With practice you will learn just how versatile black garlic is, from appetizers to desserts and everywhere in between.

1. Keep it neutral - The flavor of black garlic is most pronounced pureed and added in neutrally flavored foods such as mayonnaise, cream based sauces, or spread on bread.

2. Bring on the Acid - Black garlic also pairs very well with all types of vinegar, especially balsamic vinegar. Puree and add to balsamic vinegar, then make a reduction sauce for stir fry. Add chopped or pureed black garlic to white vinegar with oil for a delicious salad dressing.

3. More sugar please - Puree or chop and add to maple syrup, honey, agave, etc. Serve the sweet sauce on ice cream, pies, or over frosted cakes.

4. Give it some time - Black garlic will give the most pronounced flavor in recipes when the food is made a day ahead of time, so plan ahead for potato salad or sandwich sauces.

5. Fix the dish that is "missing something" - We have all cooked dishes that just tasted like they were missing something and no matter what is tossed into the concoction the flavor just seems dull. Next time you find yourself facing this challenge, add 2-4 cloves pureed into the dish. Problem solved!